Fargo Community Giving

Altaire Clinic is a locally owned and operated clinic. Our team at Altaire believes involvement within the community is essential.

We first created what we like to call the Altaire Foundation. While not a “true” foundation, this is our way to donate to individuals in need. On our site, people may apply to receive their care with us for free, or nominate others they know could use our help. There is nothing more frustrating than to be told there is nothing more that can be done. Now people can have hope again. This fund has helped cancer survivors, those living with visible scars, and many medical issues that insurance would not cover.

After so many heart warming stories from the Altaire Foundation, we started to think of other ways we could help. So we created The Altaire Scholarship a few years ago to help regional medical driven students focus on their learning and not stress so much about finances. We know they are the future of our healthcare.

2020 and this has been quite the year. In a time of isolation, we need more than ever, the support of our community. We have reached out this year to help other small businesses by buying gift cards from them and handing them out to our patients.

For the holiday season, we wanted to help those that may need a little extra support with things like groceries. With the help of our community, we were able to find people in need of some financial assistance to share the gift cards we purchased from our local Hornbacher’s Grocery Stores. A special thanks to all those who participated.