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Achieve a Flawless Complexion with ClearSilk™: The Gentle Skin Rejuvenation Solution

Are you fed up with the skincare fads that never seem to pan out? Are you looking for a way to reduce fine lines, address your uneven skin texture concerns, and otherwise look young and vibrant again?

The ClearSilk™ by Sciton facial treatment could be just what you need to rejuvenate your skin gently, safely, and quickly!

How the ClearSilk™ Technology Works

Developed by Sciton (the same company responsible for laser-based medical treatment like HALO and diVa), ClearSilk relies on advanced laser technology to achieve remarkable results. The device uses short bursts of light-based energy to treat skin areas affected by aging or other conditions. This includes treating skin damage, fine lines, and rosacea or other forms of redness.

These micro-pulses of energy are non-ablative lasers, meaning they are gentler and less invasive than ablative resurfacing treatments. By targeting the skin tissue beneath the surface (i.e. subdermal tissue) at the cellular level, the heat energy from the ClearSilk laser treatment promotes the body's natural healing processes.

This causes the skin to repair itself as you go about your normal activities, producing a healthier, younger-looking complexion that will leave jaws dropping.

Benefits of ClearSilk for Your Skin

Apart from its ability to promote natural skin improvement and healing, the gentler nature of the ClearSilk treatment protocol gives it a host of advantages. For starters, you can undergo a ClearSilk treatment throughout the year, even during those summer months when the sun is far from gentle for sensitive skin.

In addition, ClearSilk is virtually painless, requiring no numbing agents or anesthetic cream. Since it uses non-ablative laser wavelengths, ClearSilk heats the deeper layers of your skin to promote natural collagen production without damaging the surface layer of your skin (i.e. epidermis). This cuts down on the possible side effects that sometimes occur with laser skin rejuvenation treatments, such as minor bleeding or swelling and skin sensitivity.

Non-Invasive and Minimal Downtime

On top of its gentler approach that encourages the body's natural repair process, ClearSilk skin treatment is a fast procedure (averaging 15-30 minutes) with no downtime, meaning that you can return to your regular daily activities immediately after your skincare professional completes the session.

Some people even receive ClearSilk treatment on their lunch break or right before their wedding day! This makes it the perfect treatment of choice for anyone with a busy schedule or a tight routine, or someone who is just looking for a great treatment for their skin concerns on short notice.

Safe for a Variety of Skin Types

Another huge bonus is the fact that ClearSilk is effective for all skin types. While many otherwise effective laser treatments don't work well for people with darker skin tones, ClearSilk produces a positive response even in those cases. The laser type used (an Nd: YAG laser) is "pigment-friendly," meaning that it is safe for any skin type.

What to Expect During Your ClearSilk Treatment

The treatment itself is straightforward. After equipping you with safety glasses and cleaning the area(s) of your skin to be treated, your skincare specialist will then guide the handheld ClearSilk laser device just above the skin.

As the non-ablative heat energy treats your facial or neck skin, you'll sense a warm feeling in the treated area. It's normal to continue feeling this warm sensation for up to 60 minutes after your ClearSilk procedure. Depending on the size of the area being treated, the average treatment time may last between several minutes to an hour.

Since there's no recovery time associated with this treatment, you can carry on with your day after your medical provider finishes up. With that being said, your skin may be somewhat more sensitive to ultraviolet (UV) radiation immediately after the procedure, so you'll want to minimize sun exposure and wear strong sunscreen for about 24 hours post-treatment.

How Many ClearSilk Treatment Sessions Do You Need?

Some patients see their desired skin results after a single session. However, achieving optimal appearance usually requires a series of ClearSilk treatments. One of the reasons that a detailed consultation with a medical professional is vital is that you want a personalized treatment plan that has been customized for your specific needs, including the right number of sessions for you. 

Post-ClearSilk Treatment Care

Since ClearSilk is such a gentle form of skincare treatment, aftercare concerns are less stringent than some other procedures. You can get the most out of your treatment and avoid any additional discomfort by minimizing sun exposure and staying hydrated, especially in the day right after your session.

Hydration and staying protected from the sun is also a good way to extend the longevity of your ClearSilk results. Apart from controlling your time spent in direct sunlight, you should also wear broad spectrum SPF 30+ sunscreen whenever you go out. Wearing a hat outdoors wouldn't hurt, either!

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