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Altaire is on the National Speaking Platform

The years of experience and the devotion to continuous education and advancement of technology has landed Altaire on the national speaking platform. Altaire’s Dr. Tamra Schue-Garberg DNP, FNP-C was one of the first four providers in the nation to incorporate the diVa™ technology. The women of and around Fargo have found this procedure so beneficial that they quickly spread the word and Fargo found itself one of the top clinics in the United States to provide this service (ranked 2nd in the nation). Altaire has women travelling in from Canada, Colorado, Texas, South Dakota, Minnesota, Illinois, Kansas, and many more locations to have this procedure done. The Sciton company was blown away by how many procedures Altaire was doing, that they quickly sought out our advice involving us in the research and training of other providers. Phone conversations and webinars were developed and one thing led to another.

Dr. Tamra started speaking about Vaginal Rejuvenation in 2017. She began in smaller settings with regional conferences and then progressed to the National User Summit in November 2017. This was the world’s largest User Summit which speaks highly of her talent and skills, as well as national recognition of Altaire Clinic. She was also a faculty speaker at the first American Medical Spa Association conference in Las Vegas 2018. Dr. Tamra continues to travel to many other states spreading her knowledge and changing lives.

Dr. Tamra takes the medical approach when speaking on Vaginal Rejuvenation. She speaks of real-life stories and adds the personal touch to the medical aspect of the procedure. Her work with cancer survivors have inspired many other clinics throughout the nation to take an action in their local communities and help women in need. Dr. Tamra has worked with Sciton laser company in raising over $42,000 donated to the Young Survivor Coalition in February 2018.

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