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The DiVa – Enhancing Women’s Lives Post Cancer

At Altaire Clinic, we feel extremely honored in having the opportunity to provide patients with a unique, medical approach to treating their feminine concerns.  In 2016, we were finding such great success with our patients’ experiences in vaginal rejuvenation. We were treating all different ages and types of women, including breast cancer survivors. Intrigued by the amazing results, we desired to “Pay it forward”. Altaire Clinic started a sponsorship program to start giving back to the community and share this amazing technology to women that may not be able to afford it and would truly benefit [...]


Altaire is on the National Speaking Platform

The years of experience and the devotion to continuous education and advancement of technology has landed Altaire on the national speaking platform. Altaire’s Dr. Tamra Schue-Garberg DNP, FNP-C was one of the first four providers in the nation to incorporate the diVa™ technology. The women of and around Fargo have found this procedure so beneficial that they quickly spread the word and Fargo found itself one of the top clinics in the United States to provide this service (ranked 2nd in the nation). Altaire has women travelling in from Canada, Colorado, Texas, South Dakota, Minnesota, Illinois, Kansas, and many more [...]


DiVa Tyte

Women are loving the results of the diVa™ procedure, but they were asking for more. Altaire introduced diVa™ Tyte into practice Winter of 2018. With varying filters, the laser is able to directly penetrate deep under the skin to the vascular level. Once the vasculature reaches a certain temperature from the laser’s energy, the body begins creating collagen. This reaction allows the skin to tighten and become tone again. This procedure is for individuals of all ages who desire their external vaginal tissue to appear younger and healthier. The diVa™ Tyte is not only for cosmetics, [...]


The DiVa Story

Altaire Clinic purchased the new diVa™ laser (one of four in the nation) and began our journey to correct women’s feminine health concerns. There is always a risk in introducing new technology in that it had to perform as anticipated before marketing to the mass population.  I enrolled family and friends to do my own trial study before treating our patients. The results were phenomenal! I heard story after story about how this was enhancing their quality of life in just a few months. The procedure was easily tolerated and results reliable. Altaire knew we had to move forward [...]


Forever Young BBL

Humankind has been searching a lifetime for the fountain of youth and now, at least for the Skin, it is here in the form of Forever Young BBL™ (FYBBL) as a no downtime procedure. Through light therapy combining various energy levels and filters to target areas of damaged skin. Altaire Clinic can stop and reverse the signs of ageing using established protocols outlined by a Stanford University Fall of 2013 research. The procedure can vary with each appointment since Altaire Clinic customizes each treatment to the changes in your skin health (No cookie cutter approach). The recommendation is [...]


Meet Rick Schue

Rick Schue MSN, FNP-C opened Altaire Clinic in 2016 with a dream to help people. He has 20+ years of medical and cosmetic dermatology experience. He found throughout his career, that he loved working hands-on with patients, not just supervising their care. His approach is that patients are not just another appointment in his schedule, but rather an individual person on a wellness journey to looking and feeling their best. He prides himself on offering a customized, personal approach to their care involving the latest laser technology along with all the other services offered. Rick wanted [...]



The Halo™ procedure is one of the more well-known laser treatments out there. Celebrities in Hollywood made this “Red Carpet Famous.” So why is there all this fuss about an adjustable laser treatment? It’s simple. People love the results! At Altaire Clinic, we offer two different laser options in this category. The basic “Halo” procedure is fast and easy while offering great results. The "Halo Pro" procedure is used for more aggressive treatments. The Halo™ Laser Treatment The procedure requires a numbing time of about 10-20 minutes prior to the procedure. The laser uses a 1470 laser [...]