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BBL Skin Treatment: Everything You Need to Know for a Younger You

Growing older can do a real number on your skin. Sun damage can produce age spots, aged skin loses its elasticity, and wrinkles form over the year. All the ointments and creams in the world can only touch on the external signs of aging.

But what if you had a treatment that could affect the deeper layers of your skin and help your aging skin heal itself? With BBL skin rejuvenation treatment, such a dream could become a reality!

What Is BBL Skin Treatment, and How Does It Work?

"BBL" stands for BroadBand Light. This treatment is a proprietary skin rejuvenation protocol that uses intensely focused light energy delivered in pulses to treat the skin. BBL skin treatment works by pulsing broad-spectrum light energy into the skin, where it is absorbed at the deeper levels of the tissue in a way that triggers your skin cells into action. Specifically, BBL treatment encourages your skin to produce more collagen (a vital protein responsible for maintaining skin elasticity and volume) as well as heal itself from damage.

Conditions Treated by BBL Skin Treatments

Our BBL skin treatment in Fargo can be used virtually anywhere on the body, from your face to your appendages. It can be especially effective at treating skin with visible signs of aging (including wrinkles, fine lines, and sun spots), as well as bothersome conditions such as acne, rosacea, dull skin, and other disorders that create inappropriate levels of pigmentation in the skin.

In addition to this wide range of skin conditions, a BBL procedure can also potentially reduce any uneven skin texture, allowing you to enjoy smoother-feeling skin in addition to the visual benefits offered by the treatment.

Perks of BBL Skin Treatment

There are plenty of skin rejuvenation techniques and treatments on the market, and many of them have become popular thanks to the various perks they offer. BBL skin treatment is no different, offering a host of benefits to recipients.

These range from minimal downtime and little (if any) pain during the procedure to fast treatment times that make multiple sessions far more feasible.

Fast Procedure

The process for undergoing BBL skin treatment is pretty straightforward. After meeting with a cosmetic professional to create a personalized skin care plan for you, you'll be scheduled for your first session.

At this appointment, a team member will apply a topical anesthetic to numb the treatment area(s). You'll also receive a pair of safety glasses to protect your eyes from the pulsed light energy emitted during the BBL procedure.

Next, a medical professional will move the BBL technology device over the desired treatment areas. The actual procedure should take anywhere from 30-60 minutes based on the size of the area treated.Once your treatment is finished, you'll receive some moisturizer to soothe your treated skin and some sunscreen to protect your tender skin against UV rays.

All in all, BBL skin treatment is one of the fastest skin rejuvenation techniques out there! 

Minimal Pain or Discomfort

Thanks to its non-invasive, gentle nature as a skin treatment, the BBL procedure doesn't entail much, if any, discomfort. If you are worried about discomfort, a topical numbing may be added.  You may feel a slight pricking sensation if your treatment area includes particularly sensitive areas of the skin, such as your upper lip.

Almost No Downtime

Some of the more aggressive skin treatments out there, including some laser skin treatments, can leave your skin feeling red and raw for days on end. With BBL skin treatment, you don't have to worry about that! You should be able to return to your regular daily activities and start wearing makeup almost immediately after your session.

You might experience some mild redness, but you shouldn't expect any bruising, bleeding, or other side effects that would hamper your quick recovery from the procedure. With the help of some provided sunscreen and skin moisturizer, you'll be able to go about the rest of your day without issue.

Long-Lasting Results

While results can never be guaranteed with 100% certainty, many patients who have undergone BBL skin treatment have enjoyed its benefits for months on end. It's common for patients to undergo an initial battery of sessions, followed by a few routine follow-up appointments each year to maintain their newly youthful appearance.

FAQs About BBL Skin Treatment

How soon can I expect to see results after receiving BBL skin treatment?

Most patients notice results after their first treatment, though having several treatments spaced about a month apart can maximize the visibility of your results.

Is BBL skin treatment safe for all skin types?

Because its efficacy is based largely on how well its intense light energy is absorbed by the skin, BBL treatment works best for people with lighter skin. Because their higher levels of pigment absorb more light, patients with darker skin tones may suffer adverse effects from a BBL session, such as scarring or hyperpigmentation. Other laser techniques may be safer for darker skin tones. 

How many BBL beauty treatments will I need?

This answer varies from patient to patient. Most people need at least 3-4 treatment sessions to start with, followed by a few annual maintenance treatments. Ultimately, your beauty professional will work with you one-on-one to help you craft a custom-made treatment plan to extend your results as long as possible.

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