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Melasma is one of the more common conditions seen at Altaire Clinic and is stubborn and still mysterious. Melasma is most common in skin types IV-VI (Asian & Hispanic) and presents as brown patches most commonly to upper lip, chin, forehead and cheeks in a symmetric pattern. Genetics play an important role along with pregnancy (mask of pregnancy), hormone replacement therapy, heat/inflammation, and sun exposure. For some patients, cessation of hormone altering medications and a normal rebalancing of hormones can cause pigments to fade on its own. For others, unfortunately, melasma may persist indefinitely. There are 3 types (epidermal, [...]

Neuromodulators (Botox, Dysport, XEOMIN, Jeaveau)

Most people have heard the word BOTOX®. If asked further about their thoughts regarding BOTOX®, there are so many varying opinions and controversy surrounding the topic. Altaire Clinic wants to help clarify a few of the controversies for you. BOTOX® has been around for more than 20 years. It was the first of four current neuromodulators (or neurotoxins) on the market. Dysport™ was next to market followed by XEOMIN® and Jeuveau™. All four are FDA approved for treatment of wrinkles. There are benefits for each individual patient as to why to use each product. It is extremely important to [...]

The Art Of Male Aesthetics

So, what is it that’s driving men’s interest to see their doctors for treatments long considered not to be masculine? At a time of rapid changes within the global workplace, one thing is for sure. It is beneficial to look polished and fresh. We live in a society where physical appearance reflects on one’s competitive edge in the work place. According to the Aesthetic Society for plastic surgery (ASAPS), the number of aesthetic treatments performed on men since 1997 has increased by 325%. I have investigated the five most popular treatments for men: BOTOX®, Dysport™, Jeuveau™, and XEOMIN® (neuromodulators) to [...]


Rosacea, the “Red Plague”… Throughout history, Rosacea has been unfairly characterized as the “Alcoholic Disease” with the characteristic of large, bulbous nose (rhinophyma), and red skin. While alcohol is not causative of Rosacea, it can flair the erythema (flushing) symptoms. Other potential triggers include spicy food, hot food, environmental cold and heat exposures, or anxiety. A lot of public speakers struggle with Rosacea flares when they get in front of a large group and their skin becomes bright red. Rosacea is common to the Midwest due to high numbers of Celtic origin. Most common presentation is vascular redness, telangiectasia [...]

Retin-A… Why the Appeal?

Retin-A (tretinoin) has earned the anti-aging reputation and loyalty of many dermatologists simply because, it works! Unlike most beauty product “lofty claims”, there’s proof at the molecular level of a demonstrable skin health improvement in Retin-A use for more than 25 years. First used as an acne treatment, patients soon reported their skin became vibrant and smooth. Retin-A users reported improvements in skin texture, diminished wrinkles, and brown spots. Early studies in 1988 confirmed its anti-aging effects with statistically significant improvements. Skin cells contain retinoid receptors that help regulate how the cell functions. As people age, their cells behave [...]

6 Things That Can Actually Treat Hair Loss

There is a lot of controversy out there when it comes to preventative measures for hair loss. If you turn on the TV or look in a magazine, there are a lot of products that will supposedly grow your hair. This can be extremely confusing for people as to which option is best. To help clear things up on this topic, Altaire Clinic has broken it down to the 6 research-based approaches that work. However, even these have variable results. Aside from hair transplants, a multidimensional approach has proven to be most effective. Propecia (Finasteride): A prescription pill that [...]