The smallest of actions may create a rippling effect of change for the future. This truly encompasses Altaire’s mission. The way we treat one another not only in times of need but in our everyday lives, affects the future world we will live in. Altaire is launching our first scholarship to truly embrace this way of life and give back to our immediate community.

The process began with an essay submission with a title of “Make a Difference.” The applicants were allowed freedom to write their interpretation as to what this means. Once all the applications were received, Altaire sat down as a board and voted on two finalists. Each applicant agreed to share their essay with our entire Altaire family.

The two submissions are from very different perspectives. One a story of how a lack of health care resulted in tragedy with a dream of allowing access to those in most need. The other a story of constantly fighting for her dream no matter what hardship/struggle was put in her pathway to overcome. The goal of this scholarship is to help one of these two individuals relieve some financial stress with the journey of school. This will allow them the ability to give back on their own by serving those in need. The ability to touch someone’s life is a priceless gift. Too often we have a fear of giving back with a stigma that it must be a large monetary amount to make a difference. This is far from true. Holding a door for someone, a simple thank you, or offering a helpful hand, are free but powerful actions.

We live in a world that turns on the TV and tragedy is everywhere. Whether it is a mentality that hardships are what the viewers want to see, or is there so little focus on positive innovations in this modern time? What if one, by one we could focus our energy on helping those around us? What could the world become? Altaire encompasses this dream and is going forward by helping one day at a time.