Rosacea, the “Red Plague”… Throughout history, Rosacea has been unfairly characterized as the “Alcoholic Disease” with the characteristic of large, bulbous nose (rhinophyma), and red skin. While alcohol is not causative of Rosacea, it can flair the erythema (flushing) symptoms. Other potential triggers include spicy food, hot food, environmental cold and heat exposures, or anxiety. A lot of public speakers struggle with Rosacea flares when they get in front of a large group and their skin becomes bright red.

Rosacea is common to the Midwest due to high numbers of Celtic origin. Most common presentation is vascular redness, telangiectasia (blood vessels), flushing or blushing, and acne like papules. A person can do everything correct in taking care of their skin, but sometimes we can’t fight genetics.

At Altaire Clinic, we treat your Rosacea from a few different approaches. Our main approach is through laser intervention to correct damage and revitalize healthy tissue. Topical/oral medications may be prescribed in combination with lasers for aggressive treatments. Medical grade topical products are also utilized for maintenance with their anti-inflammatory healing properties.

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