Laser Tattoo Removal

Whether you are looking to clean up an existing tattoo, replace it with a new one, or erase the past, Altaire Clinic’s revolutionary laser tattoo removal treatment can help. Our PicoSure® laser tattoo removal process is done comfortably and quickly. If you love your existing tattoo and want to show it off, we can help you regain your skin’s clear and smooth surface.

Laser Tattoo Removal is Recommended To:

  • Remove your tattoo.
  • Remove unwanted hair so your tattoo can shine through.

PicoSure® Laser Tattoo Removal

Our advanced PicoSure® laser effectively breaks apart darker ink colors that can be absorbed by the body’s immune system. The laser targets unwanted ink better than ever before by removing and reducing difficult ink colors, even on previously treated areas and recalcitrant tattoos. This laser leaves the surrounding tissue intact, allowing for better healing and blending with the surrounding tissue.

*Please keep in mind that every patient is unique and your results for each treatment may vary.

Tattoo Before and After
Tattoo Before and After

Laser Tattoo Removal Frequently Asked Questions:

PicoSure represents the cutting edge of a type of laser technology known as short-pulse lasers. These lasers are designed to “flash” incredibly quickly, in PicoSure’s case in trillionths of a second. This rapid flashing minimizes the amount of heat and creates a photomechanical effect that’s highly effective in removing tattoo ink and unwanted pigment.

As the leading picosecond laser, PicoSure is able to treat all colors of tattoo ink on patients of all skin-types, so it’s very likely that PicoSure could work for you! Plus, PicoSure has been shown to remove tattoos in fewer treatments. At Altaire Clinic, one of our providers will help you come up with a treatment plan that’s right for you.

PicoSure’s ultra-fast pulses and specialized wavelengths work together to minimize the amount of heat that is transferred. Less heat means less damage to surrounding skin and less risk of injury.

Most people experience very little discomfort and describe skin revitalization treatments as feeling like the snapping of a rubber band. Because tattoo removal treatments use more energy, patients may experience more discomfort. At Altaire Clinic, your provider will be able to offer topical numbing cream or Pro-Nox to minimize discomfort.

Procedure time depends on the size of the area to be treated, and 10 minutes is common for average sized tattoo removal treatments.

The sun exposes the skin to harmful radiation. To protect itself, the body produces extra melanin, causing the skin to tan. Since PicoSure targets melanin to remove excess pigment, a heavy tan may interfere with treatment. After laser treatments for removal of tattoos and unwanted pigment, the skin is more vulnerable to sunlight so minimizing sun exposure and use of sunscreen of SPF30+ is recommended.

For tattoo removal, the size, location and density of ink play important roles in how quickly clearance can be achieved, but 4-10 treatments is common for modern tattoos. At Altaire Clinic, your provider will work with you to evaluate and provide a personalized plan.

PicoSure is designed with safety in mind and incidents of scarring are very rare. Tattoo removal treatments require more energy than skin revitalization and some patients may experience hypopigmentation (a lightening in skin color of the treated area), but this is usually temporary and normal skin is typically restored once healing is complete.

Recovery times are dependent on the condition being treated and each patient’s ability to heal. Typical treatment intervals are 6-8 weeks for tattoo removal. At Altaire Clinic, your provider will work with you to provide a personalized plan.