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The DiVa - Enhancing Women’s Lives Post Cancer

At Altaire Clinic, we feel extremely honored in having the opportunity to provide patients with a unique, medical approach to treating their feminine concerns.  In 2016, we were finding such great success with our patients’ experiences in vaginal rejuvenation. We were treating all different ages and types of women, including breast cancer survivors. Intrigued by the amazing results, we desired to “Pay it forward”.

Altaire Clinic started a sponsorship program to start giving back to the community and share this amazing technology to women that may not be able to afford it and would truly benefit from it. When a woman goes through breast cancer, the disease process affects more than just the breast tissue.

The survivor’s fear is always that estrogen can “fuel the fire” in breast cancer with positive receptors. Estrogen transitions from friend to enemy. Estrogen is a necessary hormone in women’s reproductive health, perineal blood supply, anti-ageing, etc. The absence of estrogen (menopause) causes numerous bodily changes including reproductive tissue atrophy.

A breast cancer survivor may go through a hysterectomy with both ovaries removed and/or is put on hormone blockers, forcing a surgical/drug-induced menopausal state. If a woman’s body is not at the natural age of menopause, these changes from either approach can be devastating both physically and mentally. Altaire has treated so many women that said even wiping after urination can feel like “razor blades” on their labial tissue. The most difficult, helpless realization for these patients is the limited medical treatments available. The diVa™ laser therapy has now changed the “Face of Medicine” in feminine health.

Altaire’s diVa™ is a no downtime, aggressive, dual laser (ablative and non-ablative) therapy approach to destroy aberrant tissue and scars while adding PRP (platelet-rich plasma) to re-grow healthy tissue, nerves, and blood supply.

We wanted to share this good news further, and so we have reached out to our local cancer centers providing them information regarding the diVa™ procedure. We worked with our local American Cancer Society with various sponsorships. We participated in Stride for Life, Real Men wear pink, and other cancer-related events. We plan to continue our sponsorship program and provide educational sessions for local breast cancer support groups.

Our most recent project was a Christmas wish nomination event. We were completely overwhelmed with the heartfelt stories people shared with us. Their stories of courage and strength as they battled for their lives, and winning that battle, brought tears to our eyes. The difficult time was after, trying to put back together their life after cancer and learning to live with this new body. The winner of this event was chosen by one of our own breast cancer survivor patients who benefited herself from this life-changing procedure. Additionally, since there were so many great submissions to choose from, Altaire decided to financially take on another survivor as well.

Our dream would be to find a way to allocate more funds for women that may not be able to afford this procedure.

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