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The DiVa Story

diva laser vaginal therapyAltaire Clinic purchased the new diVa™ laser (one of four in the nation) and began our journey to correct women’s feminine health concerns. There is always a risk in introducing new technology in that it had to perform as anticipated before marketing to the mass population.  I enrolled family and friends to do my own trial study before treating our patients. The results were phenomenal! I heard story after story about how this was enhancing their quality of life in just a few months. The procedure was easily tolerated and results reliable. Altaire knew we had to move forward and start helping more women.

The diVa™ is a unique treatment that fires two different lasers at the same time. There is both a heat (1470) and an ablative component (2940). The procedure is quick taking only 3-4 minutes of actual laser time. The patient is numbed prior to the procedure after paperwork is completed. Once all questions are answered, we draw a person’s blood to harvest Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). The patient is then brought back to the laser room and additional topical numbing applied externally if needed. A full speculum exam is completed by Tamra to ensure there are no complications that may interfere with the effectiveness of the laser. The laser is then inserted and treatment is customized for each individual patient. Most women tolerate the procedure just great with very little pain. After the laser is completed, a PRP lavage is done and the body absorbs the PRP through the ablative channels. Further injections of the PRP are also an option with the procedure to help build up the sub-urethral floor and aid in sexual function restoration of the clitoris.

The laser works to restore, revive, and rejuvenate one’s vaginal tissue. This procedure is for women that are struggling with vaginal concerns whether from childbirth or hormonal changes. It is used to help treat atrophy, mild incontinence, dryness, and other vaginal issues. There is also current research being trialled with Dr. Michael Coyle, a Urogynecolgist board certified in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgeon (FPMRS), and the success of the diVa laser for patients with lichen sclerosis.

The most challenging obstacle with the diVa is marketing this intimate concern for women. It takes a lot of trust in allowing me the opportunity to help patients on their journey of feeling confident, healthy, and whole again. We, at Altaire, pride ourselves on providing a trusting, professional environment to serve our patients.

Our number one referral source is “Word of Mouth.” We are so grateful to all of our patients who have put their trust in us, and in return, refer others to Altaire.

We thank you, our patients, in allowing us the opportunity to serve you!

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