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Fargo Guide to Pre-Wedding Skin Care: Tips from Altaire Clinic's Experts

As you prepare for your wedding day, one of the biggest days of your life, you want your skin to look healthy, fresh, and glowing. As your wedding day looms ahead, taking proactive measures during this time can ensure your skin has the radiant glow that all brides strive for. This means preparing your skin over the coming months, whether it’s incorporating new products into your skincare routine or seeking treatments administered by medical professionals. With a six-month plan in place, you can achieve the beautiful glowing skin you’ve always wanted and make your special day even more memorable.

Fargo Guide to Pre-Wedding Skin Care: Tips from Altaire Clinic's Experts

It’s six months before your wedding and the perfect time to make serious changes to your skincare routine. At this time, you must start thinking about beauty preparation for your wedding day and finding the right approach to bridal skin to achieve that natural, brighter, and more even-toned skin. 

6 Months Before Your Wedding

Begin by visiting the medical professionals at Altaire Clinic. Six months before your wedding is a great time to try ClearSilk, ClearV, Forever Young BBL, and Halo laser treatments, in addition to facial, lip, and PRP fillers. These treatments can help improve the overall consistency of your skin and bring out its natural radiance. Skin takes twenty-eight days to cycle through and recover. By starting your new skincare regimens and undergoing certain treatments and procedures six months before your wedding, you'll give your skin plenty of time to recover, while taking advantage of regular treatments that will have a major impact on your skin's health and appearance. 

4 Months Before Your Wedding

It can take two to three months for your skin to get used to topical retinoids. Retinoids can be an important part of any skincare regimen and can improve the skin’s complexion and texture. A good retinoid can also help keep stress-related acne under control as your big day draws closer. You’ll want to give your skin enough time to peel and heal, as you try different products and find one that your skin responds well to.

Gentle weekly chemical peels are another option and a great way to exfoliate and achieve glowy skin, as well as help to treat mild hyperpigmentation while improving the skin’s texture.

3 Months Before Your Wedding

At the three-month mark, you can explore other in-office treatments offered by the medical professionals at Altaire Clinic. These treatments can have a major impact on how your skin looks and feels. Schedule a consultation to discuss which treatment options will help you achieve your skincare goals. A medical professional can help you choose from a wide range of options, such as fillers, Botox, laser treatments, medium-depth laser peels, and more. Many of these treatments can require multiple sessions to achieve brighter, smoother, and healthy-looking skin. 

1 Month Before Your Wedding

Now is the time to stop getting treatments and facials, unless your medical professional says otherwise. Continue with your daily and nightly skincare routines, but get rid of any products containing retinol at least a week before your wedding to reduce irritation. Make sure you stay consistent and continue using products that are working for you.

1 Week Before Your Wedding

With your wedding just a week away, you should focus on hydration to achieve a radiant complexion. Hydrated skin provides the perfect canvas for flawless makeup and can make the skin appear luminous and plump.

The week before your wedding may be hectic and filled with last-minute changes and late nights ensuring everything will go as planned. During this stressful time, the last thing you should have to be worried about is your skin.

At this point, the best thing you can do for your skin is be gentle and keep your skincare routine simple. Ideally, you’ll have already done most of the leg work prepping your skin during the past six months, so there won’t be much to do at this point that will make a huge difference.

During this time, remember to avoid using harsh retinoid products which can cause irritation and dryness.

Try sleeping with a humidifier. The moisture can ensure that your face is adequately hydrated, which will help to keep your skin looking fresh and glowing. Don't forget to apply a high-quality moisturizer one to two times a day.

The Day Before Your Wedding

The day before your wedding, don’t seek any major in-office treatments or try any new products. For bridal skin care, a hydrating mask can be a great way to treat your skin. Increase your water intake to ensure you keep your skin well-hydrated and nourished. You can complement this hydration routine with your usual day and night moisturizers designed to keep your skin supple and lock in moisture. By focusing on hydration, you will give your skin the love and attention it needs to help you look your best on your big day.

The Day of Your Wedding

When it comes to your wedding day skincare routine, keeping it simple is always best. To prepare your skin for your big day, you’ll need to follow the right steps and use trusted products that can help bring out your skin’s natural glow.

Begin by following your morning skincare routine using your usual skincare products and treatments, including a mild cleanser. The gentle cleanser you use should focus on hydration. Use a product that’s fragrance-free and focuses on nourishing the skin with hyaluronic acid to make your skin look glowing and plump.

Next, use a hydrating serum that’s water-based and contains hyaluronic acid. Brides with oily skin should also focus on serums that contain hyaluronic acid since it’s possible to have an oily skin type but still have surface dehydration. In some cases, oily skin can be caused by the skin’s natural response to dehydration, producing more oil, which is why it’s so important to keep the skin well hydrated.

After you’ve applied the serum, lock in the serum’s benefits by using a lighter daytime moisturizer. Do not use any face oil on the morning of your wedding. While applying a face oil the night before can be helpful, it should not be used to prep the face for makeup.

On this important day, don’t forget to apply sunscreen. Even if you’re having an indoor or evening wedding, sunscreen is necessary to protect your skin. If you’re concerned that applying sunscreen can cause a white cast in photos, use a chemical-based SPF, not a mineral-based product.

Finish your gentle skin prep using a good-quality primer. A bride with dry skin should choose a hydrating primer, while brides with oily skin should use an anti-shine primer or a mattifying serum. Make sure you speak with your makeup artist regarding which type of primer will work best for your skin and discuss any current skin issues you may be struggling with. They can help you choose products that will bring out your skin’s natural glow and prevent your makeup from looking too heavy or caked on.

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