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halo treatment

Halo™ Laser Treatment

halo laser treatmentThe Halo™ procedure is one of the more well-known laser treatments out there. Celebrities in Hollywood made this “Red Carpet Famous.” So why is there all this fuss about an adjustable laser treatment? It’s simple. People love the results!

At Altaire Clinic, we offer two different laser options in this category. The basic “Halo” procedure is fast and easy while offering great results. The "Halo Pro" procedure is used for more aggressive treatments.

The Halo™ Laser Treatment

The procedure requires a numbing time of about 10-20 minutes prior to the procedure. The laser uses a 1470 laser setting which is adjustable in depth and density of treatment area. The 1470 laser works by sending columns of heat-based beams under the skin destroying the epidermal and dermal layer in its path. This causes a denaturing of protein in the targeted areas ridding the skin of unwanted tissue and skin impurities. In reference to downtime, it is typical to see red and irritated skin for up to 5 days. The nice thing about the basic Halo™ is that you are able to put make-up on 24 hours after the procedure if you need to return to your daily activities.

The Halo™ Pro Laser Treatment

If you have more damage and have more downtime, the “Halo Pro” would be a great option for you. This treatment requires a numbing time of about 20-30 minutes prior to the procedure. The laser utilizes both the Halo™ 1470 in addition to an ablative 2940 laser. The laser is a heat-based beam causing the denaturing cellular protein (1470) and the ablative (2940) beam destroying all selected targets. The combination of the two lasers create synergistic results. Altaire Clinic recommends the more aggressive Halo™ Pro for individuals with a lot of sun damage, acne scars, pre-cancers, large pores, wrinkling of the skin, and/or if a person desires/needs a more aggressive treatment. The downtime for the Halo™ Pro is 5-7 days. Altaire Clinic recommends not putting on make-up for 72 hours after the procedure to help optimize the results. A person can anticipate varying degrees of red inflammation, swelling, and rough texture for a few days.

Using PRP to Enhance Halo™ Results

The Halo™ & Halo™ Pro can add Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to enhance results & reduce healing time by 30-40%. Halo™ Pro is an ablative laser, and that allows a channel for the PRP to utilize to get under the skin. The Halo™ can add micro-needling to open channels for PRP absorption (PRP Facial). The Halo™ and Halo™ Pro are aggressive laser procedures, but the results are phenomenal.

There are so many treatment options available that Altaire recommends a consultation before scheduling. Our recommendation would be to go to a provider with intense experience in lasers. Rick Schue has been using lasers for over 20 years. He has also passed his knowledge and secrets down to his daughter Tamra. Altaire's providers are members of an organization called Elite Aesthetic Partners. This group is an invitation-only for the top dermatology, plastic surgery, and cosmetic clinics across the United States. This allows Altaire Clinic to be current with the latest and greatest advances in cosmetic medicine. Rick and Tamra are also up to date with the most recent conferences and attend/speak at regional and national platforms throughout the year.

Contact The Altaire Clinic Today To Schedule A Halo Consultation

At Altaire Clinic, we can customize your treatment plan with effective laser therapies, cosmetic procedures, skincare regimens, and prescription medications, if needed, for long-lasting results. Contact us today to schedule your medical consultation.

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