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vaccinating a child

Important Reasons to Vaccinate Your Child

Every parent wants to protect their child and do what’s best for them. Most parents make it a point to educate themselves on child proofing devices for the home, such as baby gates, and the right type of car seat to use, but many don’t realize that one of the best and most effective ways to protect a child is to make sure they’re up to date on their immunizations.

Why Are Immunizations Important for My Infant’s Health?

Immunizations have been very controversial over the years, with fear that immunizing a child can lead to other conditions, such as autism spectrum disorder. However, thanks to advances in medical science, childhood immunizations can save a child’s life by preventing deadly diseases. These days, vaccinations can protect a child from more diseases than ever before. In the past, the diseases that once killed or injured hundreds or thousands of children have been eliminated and others are now close to complete eradication. In the past, polio was once the most feared disease in the country causing paralysis and death. However today, because of vaccinations, this illness is not a common threat. .

Benefits of Vaccinations

Despite the overwhelming evidence concerning the safety and effectiveness of child vaccines, some parents remain hesitant to have their children immunized. Below you'll find some of the most common reasons why you should consider vaccinating your child and the many benefits and powerful protection vaccinations now offer.

Safe and Powerful Protection Against Dangerous Childhood Disease

Modern vaccinations are effective and safe and are only given to children after a careful and long review by healthcare providers. Administering vaccines can involve some pain and discomfort, tenderness, or redness at the site of the injection, but this is little compared to the trauma, discomfort, and pain of the diseases that these vaccinations can prevent. Major side effects after being vaccinated, such as severe allergic reactions are very rare. Essentially, the disease-prevention benefits of having your child vaccinated are much greater than the possible minimal side effects some children experience.

Childhood Vaccines Can Prevent Serious Health Complications

Childhood vaccinations can protect them from serious illnesses and any related complications from these preventable diseases. These complications can include brain damage, convulsions, hearing loss, pneumonia, hospitalization, and amputation

Immunizations for Children Protect Others Who Are Not Vaccinated

Certain vaccine-preventable diseases such as influenza, whooping cough, and measles remain a threat. These diseases continue to infect children all over the country resulting in hospitalizations and even death. The rise in vaccinations has resulted in a dramatic decline in the number of American cases of several infectious diseases including measles, which still remains common in other countries. Children who are not vaccinated can contract an infectious disease brought to the country by an international traveler. Vaccinations can protect other family members and those who are not vaccinated. For example, newborn babies are not able to receive the measles vaccination however, contracting measles at this delicate age can result in death. Vaccinating your child can protect those around them from contracting this type of disease. Children who are not vaccinated can spread diseases to children that are too young to be vaccinated and to people with a weakened immune system.

Vaccinating Your Child Can Prevent Financial Hardship

If a child has a vaccine-preventable disease they will often be denied attendance at both childcare facilities and schools. Additionally, some diseases can result in prolonged disabilities and/or hospitalization, which can result in severe financial hardship for families due to the steep medical bills, lost time at work, and long-term disability care. Fortunately, most vaccinations are also covered by insurance.

Are Vaccinations Dangerous?

Any type of vaccine can cause unwanted side effects. In many cases, the side effects are minor and may consist of redness, soreness, aches, pains, or a low-grade fever. Some types of vaccinations can also cause loss of appetite, fatigue, or headaches. Very rarely a child may experience a severe neurological side effect or allergic reaction.While these rare side effects can be concerning the risk of a vaccination causing death or major harm is very small. The benefits of having a child vaccinated are significantly greater than the possible side effects.

Vaccinations are also not given to any children who have known allergies to specific components in a certain vaccination. Likewise, if a child has an adverse reaction to a vaccine, additional doses will not be given.

The Reason Why Vaccinations are Given So Early

The vaccinations children receive are meant to prevent common diseases and illnesses that often occur when a child is very young and the risk of complications is much higher. Because of this, early vaccinations which can begin shortly after birth, are essential. Postponing vaccinations until a child is older may put them at risk of contracting a serious illness.

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Immunizing your child and protecting them from dangerous diseases is very important, especially when they are of school age. If you have reservations concerning a certain vaccination, your child has fallen behind on their immunizations, or you have a child that has not yet started their immunization schedule, contact Altaire Clinic today to schedule a consult. A provider can meet with you to discuss your concerns and answer all of your questions and put your mind at ease.

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