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Living with Psoriasis: Treatment Options and Lifestyle Adjustments for Better Skin Health

For the thousands of adults with chronic plaque psoriasis living in Fargo and across North Dakota, the impact of this common, chronic disease is felt every day. If you are one of them, there is good news. With the right medical assistance and a healthy lifestyle, you can do a lot to reduce the risk ratio of the most severe symptoms. 

At Altaire Clinic, we can help you manage and reduce the severity of psoriasis symptoms, enhancing your skin health and quality of life. Read on to learn more.

Understanding Psoriasis: An Overview

Psoriasis is a persistent inflammatory skin disease that may be classified as either erythrodermic or plaque psoriasis. It leads to scaling and red patches. There are a few different types of the disease, classified according to the severity of psoriasis symptoms. 

Chronic plaque psoriasis is the most common of the two and is generally not a direct threat to health. However, it results in patches that may be painful and sting and significantly affects the physical and emotional well-being of adults with psoriasis. 

Erythrodermic psoriasis, on the other hand, can be significantly more serious. It results in a red rash similar to burned skin. It can cover over 75% of the body, affect the skin's protective functions, and lead to life-threatening complications. 

Severe psoriasis patients may also suffer from a rare third type, pustular psoriasis, which occurs in individuals with a genetic predisposition and who already have erythrodermic psoriasis. 

Understanding the specific type of psoriasis, such as mild psoriasis or more severe forms like pustular psoriasis, is essential for effective management.

Lifestyle Changes for Treating and Improving Psoriasis

Whether you have mild psoriasis, moderate psoriasis, or a more severe type, the effects of lifestyle changes on the disease cannot be overstated. Here are three ways in which leading a healthy lifestyle can help manage the severity of psoriasis. 

The role of diet in managing psoriasis

Diet significantly influences body mass, the severity of psoriasis, and overall health. Foods high in sugar and fat can exacerbate inflammation and trigger flare-ups of psoriasis, impacting quality of life. Conversely, adopting a diet rich in anti-inflammatory foods such as fatty fish, nuts, and green leafy vegetables can help reduce inflammation, improving the severity of psoriasis symptoms.

Integrating dietary changes as part of lifestyle change interventions is crucial for managing psoriasis effectively. These adjustments can lead to widespread health improvement, contributing positively to the quality of life for adults with psoriasis.

Physical Activity and Psoriasis

Physical activity is essential in managing not only body mass but also in reducing the severity of psoriasis. Exercise promotes heart health and reduces inflammatory markers, which can exacerbate psoriasis symptoms. Suitable activities for individuals with psoriasis include swimming and yoga, which minimize skin trauma and manage stress.

It's essential to handle sweat and friction carefully, as these often irritate psoriatic skin. Incorporating gentle physical activities into your routine can significantly enhance your quality of life by mitigating the severity of psoriasis and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

What lifestyle and diet choices make psoriasis worse?

Certain lifestyle choices negatively impact psoriasis, increasing the risk ratio of severe symptoms. Alcohol consumption, smoking, and diets high in processed foods can worsen the severity of psoriasis. These factors also lead to more frequent and intense flare-ups, adversely affecting the quality of life.

Recognizing and modifying these behaviors is part of effective lifestyle change interventions and continuous outcome monitoring. These interventions help manage the severity of psoriasis and improve overall health outcomes. Understanding the effects of lifestyle changes on your condition is essential so you can make informed decisions that will enhance your quality of life. 

Stress Management Techniques and Home Remedies

Stress directly affects the severity of psoriasis, making effective stress management crucial for those seeking to improve their quality of life. Techniques such as mindfulness, yoga, and meditation have proven beneficial in reducing stress, thereby decreasing the severity of psoriasis. This is true for chronic plaque psoriasis and other mild and moderate psoriasis types. 

These practices further support a healthy lifestyle, leading to significant overall improvements and helping you manage your condition's chronic symptoms.

Specific home remedies may also help alleviate the severity of psoriasis. For instance, regular moisturizing, oatmeal baths, and aloe vera application will soothe and hydrate dry skin, reducing irritation and other chronic plaque psoriasis symptoms. 

The Importance of a Skin Care Routine

For adults with psoriasis, the effects of lifestyle change interventions are often most evident when following a strict skincare routine and conducting continuous outcome monitoring of their condition. This is especially true for those suffering from chronic plaque psoriasis and other mild psoriasis types. 

Gentle skincare products, which Altaire Clinic can recommend for you, are essential in maintaining skin hydration and reducing the severity of psoriasis. Effective routines include:

  • Using moisturizers designed for dry skin.
  • Avoiding hot water that may strip the skin of natural oils.
  • Choosing soaps that are free of irritants.

Adhering to a strict skincare regimen can significantly improve the skin health and quality of life of those suffering from mild psoriasis.

Community Support and Resources

Engaging with community support groups is a necessary part of living with chronic plaque psoriasis and of the lifestyle change interventions required to improve your condition. After all, it is important to understand that you are not alone. 

At Altaire Clinic, we may be able to connect you with local and online support networks that offer a platform for shared experiences and information. It may surprise you, but such community involvement is yet another tool to manage the severity of psoriasis symptoms. Whether you suffer from chronic plaque psoriasis or more severe forms of the disease, these resources provide emotional support and practical advice and reinforce the effects of lifestyle changes across the board. 

Current Treatments for Psoriasis at Altaire Clinic

Altaire Clinic offers several comprehensive treatments for psoriasis tailored to each patient's specific condition and severity. For mild psoriasis types, we may recommend topical treatments, such as corticosteroids, topical retinoids, salicylic acid, and other commonly prescribed creams. These help to ease discomfort and reduce inflammation for those suffering from chronic plaque psoriasis or other types of mild psoriasis. 

Phototherapy and systemic treatments are also available for moderate psoriasis, providing relief and long-term control. We may also recommend systemic therapy, which incorporates prescription medications to complement lifestyle change interventions in severe psoriasis patients. The bottom line is that our medical professionals are committed to improving the quality of life for adults with psoriasis through continuous outcome monitoring and adjustments to treatment plans.

Schedule a Consultation Today

By addressing the unique challenges and severity of each type of psoriasis, Altaire Clinic aims to deliver effective solutions that lead to better skin health and an improved quality of life. Our team of medical providers will discuss possible treatment options with you, along with lifestyle change interventions tailored to your unique case. Remember, choosing the proper treatment is crucial in managing the severity of psoriasis symptoms in any patient!

Call us at (701) 356-5503 or schedule a consultation to learn more about the effects of lifestyle changes in psoriasis, the best treatments for your condition, and how to start living a better, healthier life today!

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