Weight Management

Altaire Clinic provides weight management services. We focus on lifestyle changes with nutrition, physical activity, and behavioral changes as well as using weight loss medications to help patients achieve their weight loss goals. This is not a quick fix, but we really aim to make sustainable changes in lifestyle that can be maintained long term to help patients lose weight and keep that weight off. There is nothing worse than going on a diet, losing weight, and then regain all the weight back again. We believe in long term benefits with our weight loss program.


We discuss nutrition options with patients, but do not encourage patient to do an extreme calorie restricted diet, nor do we require patients to cut out food groups from their diet. We encourage patients to eat a healthy diet, to eat with their family, and to be mindful of portion size. We like to individualize a nutrition plan to each unique patient.

Physical Activity/Exercise

We recommend that patients get regular activity most days out of the week. Some patients may have limitations that do not allow them to do traditional exercise, so we work with each patient to help them be as active as they can be. The American Heart Association does recommend 150 minute a week (30 minutes 5 times a week) of physical activity to maintain heart health.


We discuss other factors that can affect weight loss like stress, anxiety, depression, sleep issues, medications, and chronic medical problems. We address these factors and try to find solutions for these issues to help patients achieve their best function and have the most success with weight loss.


We use prescription appetite suppressant medications and other weight loss medications to assist patients in their weight loss journey.