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Meet Rick Schue

Rick Schue MSN, FNP-CRick Schue MSN, FNP-C opened Altaire Clinic in 2016 with a dream to help people. He has 20+ years of medical and cosmetic dermatology experience. He found throughout his career, that he loved working hands-on with patients, not just supervising their care. His approach is that patients are not just another appointment in his schedule, but rather an individual person on a wellness journey to looking and feeling their best. He prides himself on offering a customized, personal approach to their care involving the latest laser technology along with all the other services offered.

Rick wanted Altaire Clinic to be Unique from various other spas by offering not just a laser name, but the experience, knowledge, and skills on How to Use It! Rick combines his years of dermatology experience to take patient results to the next level. As in a medical clinic setting, he prides himself in providing & customizing services to do the appropriate procedure, not necessarily what is scheduled. Rick is known to change scheduled appointment procedures based upon what the patient needs at that time. It is no different than changing a prescribed medication to one that more effectively meets the needs of a patient.

Through Advanced Degrees, Trainings and Certifications, Altaire prides itself on being the only Medical & Cosmetic Care Provider run clinic in Fargo, North Dakota. We prescribe appropriate medications and procedures for each patient. This allows both Rick, and his daughter Tamra,  the ability to take patients care to the next level.

Rick truly cares for his patients. When most men his age are ready for retirement, he wanted to take on another adventure. His passion for life and helping others is contagious. His patients often find the appointments to be emotionally and physically healing. He takes the time to listen and be a part of their journey through attaining healthy, vibrant skin.

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