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Navigating Cosmetic Consultations in Fargo, ND: What to Expect and How to Prepare

Navigating Cosmetic Consultations in Fargo, ND: What to Expect and How to Prepare

Whether you've been thinking about receiving cosmetic dermatology services in Fargo for a long time or have only recently decided to undergo a beauty procedure, you're probably wondering about the next steps you should take before making a decision.

Meeting a medical professional who specializes in cosmetic practices doesn't have to be a daunting proposition. Here are our pro tips for having a successful consultation at a beauty clinic.

Do Your Research

The best patients are the most well-informed ones. To be that kind of patient, you need to do your homework before contacting the clinic that interests you most.

Search for a top-rated medical professional who works at a well-established clinic with a history of treating its patients well. Check your would-be beauty expert's credentials, including their CV and any board certifications relevant to the treatment you wish to receive.

Online reviews left on the clinic's website by previous patients should give you a good idea of the staff's customer service mentality, professionalism, and other factors that don't show up on a resume or staff bio.

Apart from researching whichever clinic has caught your eye, you should also look into the specific cosmetic procedure in question that you're interested in. From lip filler and dermaplaning to acne treatments and body contouring, no two services are the same.

Make sure you know the ins and outs of whichever procedure you'd like to undergo, or at least as much as you can find out on your own before speaking with a professional. Compare and contrast the pros and cons of different treatments within the same field (e.g. BOTOX vs. XEOMIN) to get a better feel for what you're truly after.

Don't Be Afraid to Ask Questions

During your personal pre-consultation research time, jot down any idea of questions you'd like to have clarified or explained in greater depth regarding cosmetic treatments in general, the specific procedure you're looking at, or anything else that may be bothering you.

Once you're sitting down with a medical professional, you'll have free reign to ask any relevant questions you need to have answered so you can feel comfortable. Don't be nervous asking your beauty expert about their treatment protocols, success rate, fee structure, recovery time, or anything similar that you want out of the way before booking an appointment for your treatment.

Being prepared with your own series of questions will also give you a chance to gauge how confident your medical professional is. If your consultation guide is willing and able to answer any questions you put to him or her, that's a positive sign! The important thing is for you to feel that you're in good hands when you decide to go in for your procedure.

Bring Your Medical Records and Medications List

This one may seem a bit obvious, but you might be surprised how often patients go into a consultation without having everything they need to give the staff at a clinic! To have a successful consult appointment, your medical professional will need a comprehensive understanding of your full medical history.

This should cover everything from surgical history and previous body procedures to a list of current medications (whether over-the-counter or prescription), vitamins and supplements, any recurring or chronic conditions, or allergies (especially to medical-grade items such as penicillin, sulfa drugs, and latex).

It may seem embarrassing, but you should also disclose any substance abuse connected to alcohol and illegal drugs, as a dependence on these substances can cause major complications during a procedure if your medical professional is unaware of them.

The only way your beauty clinic staff can give you the best treatment is if you are completely honest and forthright with them, so come prepared!

Budget Wisely

One of the key questions you should be ready to ask during your cosmetic consultation is for a clarification of the fee structure. You should determine what your expected out-of-pocket costs for your desired treatment will look like.

The clinic staff may not be able to give you an exact price before your actual procedure, but you should be able to receive a cost range that will give you an idea of fees related to the procedure itself, pre-operative and post-op care, and any other additional costs.

Pay Attention to the Clinic and Staff

No two beauty clinics are the same, which is why you should conduct adequate research both before and during your consultation. You can gather a lot of information about the clinic even from the first phone call you make.

For example, the demeanor of the staff member you speak with can give you a sense of the professionalism and cordiality you may expect to receive in person. If the patient care coordinators who help you schedule your initial consultation are friendly, patient, and ready to help you to the best of their abilities, that's a hopeful sign.

On the other end of the spectrum, a staffer unwilling to answer your questions and in a rush to get you booked and off of the phone may be a red flag. You should watch for similar signs when you actually come in for your consultation.

Pay attention to the status of the staff and facilities as you make your way in for your consultation appointment. Is each staff member courteous and open to questions? Are the facilities well-maintained? Are you treated professionally without a sense of hurry or stress?

Being mindful of these subtle cues can put your mind at ease about the sort of treatment you can expect to receive during your actual cosmetic procedure. 

Don't Be Afraid to Ask for What You Want

Finally, remember that your initial cosmetic consultation is your best opportunity to tell your medical professional about your biggest goals and dreams. What outcome are you looking for after your treatment is finished? Do you have realistic expectations, or are your hopes more fanciful?

While it can be helpful to have a beauty expert on hand to let you know the limitations and risks of any cosmetic procedure, that same expert may also be able to tell you that the outcome of a given treatment is better than your expectations.

There is no better time than your first consultation to establish a strong relationship with your cosmetic treatment team members and find out how much they can do.

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