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Concierge Medicine

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Concierge Medicine focuses on your individualized care. Too often you feel like just another number in the health care system, and it is really easy to feel overwhelmed and lost. This unique program brings you back to the center of the attention while tailoring a treatment plan around your needs. The goal of this program is to provide you with excellent care when YOU want and need it.

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Customized Care

Not only do you receive advanced testing, but your provider will also focus on making an overall health care plan unique for your individual needs.


There are specific slots reserved to ensure easy access for when you need us.


Our team is committed to providing you excellent care. Your appointment will have extended time to address your concerns.

Meaningful Relationship

The consistency of care really allows the relationship between you and your provider to grow. This encourages a multifaceted approach to your health care needs. Your provider gets to know you and your entire health care story as it unfolds over the years.

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Executive Physicals Now Available

Executive Physicals are for those that want the next level physical evaluation or those that require it for work. At Altaire, we offer the option to add on additional testing including lab work, ultrasound, and CT scans to ensure your health is optimal to live life to the fullest. These tests put together is considered a comprehensive cardiac screen. Ask your Altaire provider to learn which tests are recommended for you.

Included in This Membership

  1. Your annual physical
  2. Up to 3 priority same day or scheduled visits as needed
  3. Heavily discounted additional visits if needed
  4. At cost labs (Please click here to see attached lab cost sheet)
  5. Premier pricing for diagnostic imaging at Institute of Diagnostic Imaging
  6. Appointments with your same provider as long as they are available that day.
  7. An optional Executive Physical

The concierge program includes an optional executive physical. This is the next level of care for those interested in additional health screening. Certain professions also require this exam for executive job placements.

What is Included in the Executive Physical?

  1. Full head to toe physical at Altaire Clinic.
  2. Screening labs as determined by your medical provider.
  3. Heart and Vascular screening partnered with Institute of Diagnostic Imaging.
    1. Calcium Score
    2. Vascular Ultrasound (carotids, aorta, femoral ABI)

Common Questions About Concierge Medicine

How is this better vs your current general medicine offering (A La Carte)?

  • Piece of mind:
    • Knowing you have someone on retainer when you need it most
  • Speed and Quality:
    • Priority same-day access only for members
    • Priority to your same provider
  • Financially: 
    • You save on every visit (almost 15% for your first 4 visits and 70% for every visit there after)
    • Big savings on additional services like Labs and Imaging which would all be at premier pricing

What services are offered/reasons I could call in?

  • General Medicine including: weight management, acute illness, chronic disease (high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol), anxiety and depression, etc
  • General physicals, well child checks, and executive physicals
  • Telehealth also available to patient located within ND or MN

When does this start?

February 2024

What is the cost? Are there discounts for families?

  • $99 per month per person
  • Family of 4 is $350 a month
  • Every extra family member is at $50 a month
  • They must live at the same address
  • Cash Pay Lab Fee Schedule

Does this take place of regular medical insurance?

No, you still need to carry at least a high deductible health care plan.

Can I use this cost against my deductible?

Not currently, but we are looking into it!

Is Dermatology and hormone replacement included?

Not currently, but we want it to be in the future!

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We encourage you to book a consultation, so one of our providers can personally discuss your needs and recommend the procedures best suited to your lifestyle. Contact us by phone or use the convenient form below so you can reach your ultimate health, wellness, & beauty goals.