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Dermatologist in Fargo

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Dermatology - What is It & What We Offer

To put it simply, dermatology is the branch of medicine concerned with the health of your skin, hair, and nails. Medical professionals who specialize in dermatology can help with conditions ranging from rashes and rosacea to wrinkles, psoriasis, and everything in between.

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and it's responsible for a host of jobs. From protecting the rest of your body against diseases to housing your internal organs and regulating your body temperature, your skin is a workhouse.

That's why keeping it healthy through top-rated dermatological care is so vital for your long-term health. Having healthy skin is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Altaire Clinic's team of board-certified medical professionals includes cosmetic dermatology experts who can guide you through the specialty care your skin needs.

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Risk Factors of Going Without Dermatological Care

Dermatology covers a wide range of potential ailments, including warts, moles, various forms of dermatitis, rashes and other forms of irritation, psoriasis, rosacea, eczema, and even hair loss.

Failing to receive proper care and treatment for these various skin, hair, and nail ailments can cause serious long-term consequences later on. At the most serious end, dermatological specialists can treat and remove melanoma at the earliest stages. Even in the case of non-fatal diseases, dermatology care can greatly improve your quality of life.

Anyone who has struggled with long-term itching or a chronic skin irritation that prevents healthy sleep understands what can happen to your wellness if you don't receive treatment for your skin. Even hair loss, often thought of as more of an aesthetic concern, can greatly damage your sense of self-esteem and confidence.

We want to help you avoid these pitfalls by providing the skin and hair care your body needs to live your healthiest life!

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What to Expect at Your Visit

At the clinic, we take your medical history, including past ailments, any current medications, known allergies, and whichever symptoms you've been experiencing. This information enables our dermatological specialists to determine the likely cause of your condition(s).

Next, you will be asked to change into a gown so that your medical professional can perform a physical skin examination. With the help of a dermatoscope, the provider will check for everything from suspicious moles to acne scars. Be sure to notify your specialist of any irregularities you've noticed in your skin, no matter how innocuous they seem.

After completing a thorough skin examination, you'll have the chance to discuss potential diagnoses and treatment plans for any health or cosmetic concerns the provider may have found. With the initial consultation completed, you'll be able to plan future treatments such as laser treatments or prescription-strength creams.

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Cost of Treatment / Insurance

We understand the important role that fiscal responsibility plays in your life. Altaire Clinic is happy to accept a wide variety of major insurance providers for essential treatments. Please contact our office directly regarding any costs associated with our cosmetic dermatology care.

Why Choose Altaire Clinic

With years of experience in both cosmetic and medical dermatology, dozens of positive reviews from happy patients, and a staff of caring, competent, and compassionate board-certified practitioners, Altaire Clinic is the right option for you.

Your journey toward greater health, wellness, and beautiful self-confidence starts today. Reach out to find out how we can serve you!

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If you've been suffering from chronic skin irritation, recurring rashes, hair loss, or any other skin ailment that makes daily living difficult, why wait any longer to get the health and wellness care you deserve?

Altaire Clinic is happy to serve the city of Fargo in a respectful, responsive way. Schedule an appointment today by calling our office at (701)809-9369.

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Common Questions About Dermatology

Can I see someone for my face?

Absolutely! Some of the most common skin problems treated by our cosmetic dermatology experts affect the facial area. This includes acne breakouts and scarring, skin lesions/skin tags (e.g. warts, moles), rosacea (chronic redness and flushing), hyperpigmentation (dark patches of skin), vitiligo (lost pigmentation), psoriasis, and eczema.

What skin care lines do dermatology specialists recommend?

While there are plenty of over-the-counter and prescription-strength topical creams that can promote your overall skin health, we can't make any specific recommendations until we've had a chance to meet with you in person. We would need to determine any allergies or preexisting conditions that could react negatively to certain skincare products, as well as decide what level of treatment your skin requires.

What age should you see a dermatology specialist?

A patient doesn't have to be a certain age before he or she can be seen by a dermatology specialist. Even infants can develop rashes and other conditions that require the assistance of a medical professional. With that being said, it's more common for patients to start seeing a cosmetic dermatology expert in their teen years (especially in severe cases of acne) or later.

Can a dermatology specialist really help with hair loss?

Yes, hair loss is a quite common ailment for cosmetic dermatology specialists to treat. Altaire Clinic currently offers a variety of methods for combatting hair loss.

What should I bring with me to an appointment with my dermatology specialist?

The most important thing to bring to your first appointment at Altaire Clinic is a list of current medications, allergies, and other relevant items from your medical history. You should also have an idea of the specific concerns you'd like to discuss with your medical professional during the skin examination.

What questions should I ask my dermatology specialist?

Apart from asking for help with specific conditions you've been experiencing, here are some savvy questions to bring up during your next dermatology appointment: What is the right frequency of exfoliation treatment for me? What is the best sunscreen for my skin type? Are there any cosmetic treatments that might cause an adverse reaction? How can I change my diet to promote healthier skin? Which home treatment methods do you recommend?

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