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Medical Consultations in Fargo

medical and cosmetic consults

Tired of waiting months to get in to see a primary care provider? Do you want quick, convenient, and educated care? Altaire Clinic is offering consults for your medical needs. Our primary care providers strive to make care more convenient for you by diagnosing, treating, and preventing common conditions that affect people of all ages, from infants to seniors. Our licensed health care providers have over 50 years of combined expertise to help you feel your best. We accept insurance and you are able to use your Flex Spending and HSA to offset clinical costs.

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Cosmetic & Medical Consults at Altaire Clinic

A high-quality consult with a dermatology provider from Altaire Clinic can provide you with clear knowledge of your condition and the treatment options available. Seeking a consultation can help reduce potential complications and risks that can arise due to a dermatological condition.

At Altaire Clinic, we offer a variety of cosmetic and medical dermatology treatments. A consultation with one of our providers is beneficial for anyone who has symptoms of a dermatology condition that affects the lips, mouth, nails, scalp, hair, and skin.

Cosmetic consultations can allow you to address any health concerns or risks associated with certain treatments, such as Botox injections, CoolSculpting, fillers, or other cosmetic procedures available at our clinic.

After your consultation, you will:

  • Know all about your treatment options
  • Be aware of any potential side effects for each type of treatment
  • Know about the payment options and costs for each type of treatment
  • For serious conditions, such as skin cancer, our medical consult service can provide you with the knowledge you need to make a decision concerning treatment so we can address the condition as soon as possible.

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What to Expect At Your Cosultation.

An appointment with our medical consultants will take approximately thirty minutes, but it can take longer depending on the cosmetic treatment you’re interested in or the type and severity of your dermatological condition.

At the consultation, we’ll go over your medical history, discuss any symptoms, and physically examine you.

During a consultation, you do not have to commit to treatment, but you should leave our clinic with clear knowledge of your treatment options, which will allow you to make an informed decision and schedule an appointment for your dermatological treatment or cosmetic procedure as soon as possible.

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Scheduling a consultation with the medical team at  Altaire Clinic for a dermatological condition or cosmetic procedure is the first step towards improving your health or appearance. We believe in educating our patients and are available to answer any questions you may have regarding treatment, cost, insurance coverage, potential risks, and more. At Altaire Clinic, we want our patients to thrive. Contact us today for a consult request.

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We encourage you to book a consultation, so one of our providers can personally discuss your needs and recommend the procedures best suited to your lifestyle. Contact us by phone or use the convenient form below so you can reach your ultimate health, wellness, & beauty goals.