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Radiesse Hand Filler Treatment in Fargo, ND

mature woman getting a dermal Radiesse filler injection

Regain your hands’ youthful and smooth appearance by treating signs of age, pigmentation, and blood vessels at Altaire Clinic.

Radiesse filler is an FDA-approved treatment protocol designed to provide both immediate results and long-lasting improvement in the treated areas.

This facial rejuvenation treatment uses calcium-based injectable fillers to restore volume to your face and hands, reversing signs of aging and helping maintain the signs of lasting beauty in your skin.

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What We Treat

Radiesse Filler Is Recommended to:

  • Improve skin elasticity, volume, and smoothness.

By filling folds and wrinkles in the skin and adding lost volume to the face and hands, as well as stimulating collagen production to improve skin health and appearance, Radiesse is perfect for anyone wanting to restore or maintain a youthful appearance.

What Outcome Can You Expect from Radiesse Filler?

There are plenty of benefits available from making use of Radiesse dermal fillers. For starters, this injectable treatment can help smooth out slight and medium lines in your face and hands, such as wrinkles around the corner of your mouth.

Similarly, it can improve the contouring of your jawline, add volume back to your cheeks, and diminish the appearance of facial folds that could eventually turn into jowls.

Radiesse filler can also keep your hands looking firm and supple by restoring volume to the skin. The treatment can also minimize any obviously protruding joints, veins, or tendons in your hand, and the increased collagen can make the skin on your hands look young and elastic.

Finally, Radiesse filler is a great treatment for anyone looking to get the biggest bang for your buck, since the results of this treatment protocol can last for at least a full year and sometimes as long as 18 months! On top of that, the results of increased volume in the face or hands can be achieved in a short, minimally invasive procedure that requires little (if any) downtime.

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What to Expect at Your Visit

At Altaire Clinic, we strive to give you a comfortable experience as you receive expert treatment from top-rated medical professionals. That's why our process starts with a consultation between you and one of our dermatological experts, who will help you decide if Radiesse is the best treatment for you. If so, your medical professional will then create a treatment plan that has been personalized to fit your unique cosmetic needs.

We will give you a list of items to avoid in the week prior to your treatment, such as certain topical agents (such as retinol or other anti-aging products), as well as activities to hold off on, such as waxing or bleaching.

On the day of your treatment, our team will numb the area of your face or hands that you will be receiving treatment for. The treatment process itself consists of a series of injections. Your comfort will be a top priority during the entire session.

After your procedure is finished, we will provide you with post-treatment care instructions, such as how to manage potential minor side effects, as well as how to keep the treated area comfortable.

hand filler after hand filler before

provider talking with patient

Cost of Treatment / Insurance

Depending on the size of the area you want to have treated, as well as how many treatments are included in your personalized plan, Radiesse fillers can vary in price. This is part of why the initial consultation period is so vital, as it allows our medical professional to work with you and create the ideal plan for your goals and budget.

We understand the important role that fiscal responsibility plays in your life. Altaire Clinic is happy to accept a wide variety of major insurance providers for any essential medical treatments. Please feel free to contact our office directly to discuss any costs associated with our cosmetic dermatology care.

Why Choose Altaire Clinic

With years of experience in both cosmetic and medical dermatology, dozens of positive reviews from happy patients, and a thriving staff of caring, competent, and compassionate board-certified practitioners, Altaire Clinic is the right option for your skincare needs.

Your journey toward greater health, wellness, and beautiful self-confidence starts today. Reach out to find out how we can serve you!

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The staff at Altaire Clinic prides itself on its ability to serve the health and beauty needs of the citizens of Fargo in a respectful, responsive way. Don't hesitate to reach out and set up your first appointment!

Schedule a consultation with us online, give us a ring at (701) 809-9369, or make an email inquiry at to find out how much we can do for you.

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Common Questions About Radiesse Filler

What are the side effects of Radiesse?

As with any medical procedure, Radiesse filler treatment does come with a few relatively minor side effects that can occur in the treated area following your procedure. Such effects include: Inflammation (i.e. swelling), Skin redness, Light pain and increased sensitivity, Itching, Bruising, and Difficulty performing certain manual tasks (if used on hands). Please note that most of these side effects are common to any cosmetic procedure that involves injectables.

What makes Radiesse special?

Radiesse stands out because it is an FDA-approved treatment protocol that uses calcium hydroxylapatite (aka "CaHA"). CaHA is well known for its use as a dermal filler for restoring lost volume, as well as correcting moderate facial folds and lines. Its many benefits include promoting skin regeneration and rejuvenation through the stimulation of collagen production.

How long does Radiesse filler last?

As mentioned above, the results of a successful Radiesse filler treatment typically last for at least 12 months on the low end. On the high end, it could last for as little as 18 months, and some patients have enjoyed the benefits of Radiesse treatment for nearly two years. The average duration time for successful Radiesse treatment is between 12-15 months. As with many cosmetic dermatology treatments, these results can usually be extended with a touch-up session midway through the lifespan of the treatment (in this case, after about seven months).

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