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Sports Physical Exams in Fargo

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In North Dakota, students are required to have annual sports physicals, before participating in any type of school-sanctioned sport. Timing is very important for sports physicals. Typically, this type of physical should be completed and submitted to the coach or school before the first practice takes place.

North Dakota: Prior to participation (including practice) a student participating in NDHSAA sanctioned athletic activities must have an annual sports physical and clearance form completed by a qualified healthcare professional (MD, DO, NP, or PA). The sports physical clearance form is valid for one school year. A physical examination completed before April 15th is not valid for participation the following school year.

Minnesota: The Minnesota State High School League requires a student to complete a Minnesota sports physical exam and clearance form before participation in sanctioned athletic activities. This must be completed by a qualified health care professional (MD, DO, NP, or PA). This must be completed every 2-3 years.

At Altaire Clinic, we recommend getting your sports physical completed in the summer so your child can be ready to participate in school sports for the entire school year.

Sports physicals are required for a good reason. A physical can raise awareness of any minor injuries and health issues that can interfere with a child’s ability to play sports, such:

  • Asthma
  • Hernia
  • Concussion injury
  • Undiagnosed heart condition

The goal of a yearly sports physical is to identify and treat any conditions that could put a child at risk of injury or death when participating in strenuous activities.

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What To Expect At Your Visit

A sports physical often takes approximately 20-30 minutes to complete and begins with a review of the patient’s health history.


The clinical review portion of the exam will involve checking a patient’s blood pressure, heart, pulse, weight and height, and joints and muscles. The goal of a sports physical is to:

  • Assess general health
  • Assess physical fitness
  • Evaluate current or prior injuries
  • Detect congenital problems
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Sports Physical Findings

After the physical, a medical provider will discuss their findings and may order referrals if their findings require it. For example, they may refer a patient to physical therapy for an injury, or if a heart murmur was detected, they would refer their patient to a cardiologist for an evaluation. In these cases, a follow-up appointment would be required. If no current health issues were detected, the patient would get the all-clear to participate in school sports.

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If your child wants to participate in sports this season, or you yourself would like a sports physical to ensure you’re physically able to participate in a local sports league, contact Altaire Clinic today, at (701) 809-9369, or you can fill out the online contact form. Our medical providers look forward to helping your child prepare for the upcoming sports season and ensuring they’re healthy and able to continue to enjoy the sports they love. Contact us today and speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members to schedule a sports physical.

At Altaire Clinic, we're proud to serve the residents of Fargo and the surrounding areas. We offer quality medical services for the whole family. Our experienced and dedicated staff look forward to helping you and your family achieve your health and wellness goals and will work closely with you to create a treatment plan that can do exactly that. Contact us today to learn more and to schedule an appointment.

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Common Questions About Sports Physcials

What Should You Avoid Right Before a Physical Exam?

Avoid drinking coffee or another type of caffeinated beverage right before Avoid exercising right before Avoid fatty foods and salty foods Do not fast unless instructed to do so by a medical provider

How Long Should a Physical Take?

Most physicals will take 20-30 minutes but may take longer.

How Do I Prepare For a Physical Exam?

When you schedule a physical at Altaire Clinic, we will let you know if you need to do anything to prepare for your exam, such as fast. We will also go over what you should avoid doing. For the first appointment with us, be sure to bring a list of the current medications you take, a current list of your immunizations, and insurance information.

Is a sports physical covered by insurance?

The cost of a sports physical is not covered by most insurances. Contact Altaire Clinic today to learn more.

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