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XEOMIN® Treatment in Fargo, ND

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XEOMIN® is a proprietary treatment that uses botulinum toxin type A (similar to the active ingredient in BOTOX treatment) to remove the appearance of numerous cosmetic worries, ranging from deep, persistent frown lines between the eyebrows and forehead crinkles to ever-present crow's feet and laugh lines.

XEOMIN® can also be used to treat wrinkles located elsewhere on your face and neck. The XEOMIN® "smart toxin" safely removes wrinkles and leaves your skin looking smoother, firmer, and younger than before. The end goal of the procedure is to give you a more youthful-looking and relaxed facial expression than you have had in years.

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Risk Factors of Not Having XEOMIN® Injection Treatment

Without XEOMIN® treatment, your skin will continue to age naturally.  As your skin grows older, it becomes weaker and less elastic. Whenever you frown, squint, or otherwise contract your facial muscles, your skin folds together. Younger skin remains supple despite these contractions, whereas older skin is not able to recover and consequently develops wrinkles and fine lines all over the face and neck.

What Outcome Can You Expect from XEOMIN® Injection Treatment?

Everyone ages eventually, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy having a youthful face with firm, smooth skin for years to come. The "smart toxin" that makes XEOMIN® work helps prevent your facial muscles from contracting, which is what leads to wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of skin aging.

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What to Expect at Your Visit

At your initial consultation, one of our cosmetic experts will discuss your medical history and any conditions you have or medications you take that could cause potential complications with the XEOMIN® injection process. He or she will discuss with you the benefits of all the products and determine if XEOMIN is the right product for you. Injections typically take only a few minutes. 

While no one can guarantee results, you may see visible signs of your skin becoming smoother within half a week of your injection treatment. You should expect to see some effects within a full month's time.

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Cost of Treatment

 We know you want to be fiscally responsible while receiving top-rated cosmetic and dermatological care. That's why our clinic accepts a wide variety of major insurance providers. XEOMIN treatments are not covered by insurance. 

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There's no need to wait to schedule your initial consult. One of our licensed medical experts will be happy to help you as soon as possible! Call Altaire Clinic at (701) 809-9369 or contact us via email at We also have a convenient online form you can fill out to get started.

Serving the entire Fargo-Moorhead area, Altaire Clinic is located at 5257 27th St. S., Suite 201 (right off of interstate I29!).

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Common Questions About XEOMIN® Injection Treatment

Where can XEOMIN® be injected?

While the major muscles that cause wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging are found in the forehead (specifically, the area between your eyebrows), other areas of the body can benefit from XEOMIN® injection treatment as well. For example, certain "vertical lip lines" that trace from your nose to the edges of your mouth may be treatable through XEOMIN® injection. XEOMIN® can also work as an alternative to other cosmetic procedures such as eyelid lifts or upper lip augmentation.

Is XEOMIN® as good as BOTOX?

BOTOX is one of the best-known brand names for cosmetic treatments that make use of a strain of the botulinum toxin. While both the BOTOX and XEOMIN® treatment options are FDA-approved for cosmetic treatments, XEOMIN® tends to have a lighter feel than BOTOX and results last just as long.

Does XEOMIN® have side effects?

Like any medical procedure or prescription medication, XEOMIN® does carry certain side effects with it. For starters, you may experience swelling, bruising, and general redness of skin in the area where the "smart toxin" was injected into your face. In some cases, XEOMIN® may also be accompanied by pain, itching, and even headaches. In the most extreme cases, XEOMIN® can cause bleeding. If you experience any of these symptoms following a XEOMIN® injection treatment, contact a medical provider immediately to receive treatment for these side effects.

Can I walk after XEOMIN®?

Because XEOMIN® is only injected in the facial or neck area and not the rest of the body, it may seem counterintuitive to hear that you should refrain from any form of exercise for at least four hours following your injection treatment. However, avoiding exercise in the immediate aftermath of your procedure is an absolute must. This includes not only physically strenuous exercise like running and strength training but also walking, light aerobic exercises, and even yoga. In fact, the best thing to do immediately after a XEOMIN® injection treatment is to take it easy while remaining upright (i.e. NOT lying down) for four hours after your appointment. Staying upright while avoiding exercise will prevent your body's circulation from increasing to above-average levels. If your circulation were to increase too much, you would run the risk of the XEOMIN® injection spreading to a muscle group that it wasn't intended for.

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