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This neurotoxin is a more purified molecule to help treat fine lines and wrinkles. Fine lines form when facial expressions are made as the muscle under the skin contracts. Over time, as your skin ages, these repeated expressions cause lasting fine lines. Men find the cosmetic benefit but also find that it helps decrease their stress levels and headaches.

Restylane Silk

Everyday life means a lot of stress to the sensitive skin around the mouth. That includes eating and drinking, talking, laughing, and all of the ways we express ourselves. So when it comes to aging, it’s no wonder the living lines around the mouth continue to develop and deepen.

Restylane Silk smoothes those living lines around your mouth and delivers fuller lips with natural-looking results. It’s a unique formulation of hyaluronic acid, which occurs naturally in youthful skin. And because it’s designed for precision, it allows your specialist to create the subtle enhancement you’re looking for.