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The Benefits of Dermaplaning for Different Skin Types

Are you looking for a minimally invasive cosmetic treatment that can remove unwanted peach fuzz and give your skin a new lease on life? Dermaplaning treatment at our clinic in Fargo is a great procedure that can provide a whole host of skincare benefits!

How Does Dermaplaning Work?

Dermaplaning is a type of exfoliation treatment, meaning that it removes dead skin cells from the epidermis (i.e. the top layer of your skin). Specifically, it requires the use of a medical-grade scalpel, which a dermatological professional can use to gently scrape your face.

This shaving-like action leaves the surface of your skin looking and feeling smooth. In addition, the dermaplaning process stimulates the growth and development of new skin cells. As a result, a successful dermaplaning procedure can leave you looking younger without requiring chemical peels or potentially painful skin treatments.

Dermaplaning, which is also known as a scalpel facial, can also improve the health and appearance of skin that has been affected by hyperpigmentation, oversized pores, and fine lines.

What Are the Benefits of Dermaplaning?

As mentioned above, dermaplaning can leave your face looking and feeling younger. However, the positive effects of dermaplaning extend beyond cosmetics. It can also lead to healthier skin long-term, aid in the maintenance of clean skin pores, and even help to prevent the development of acne.

As a procedure, dermaplane treatment with a surgical scalpel rejuvenates your facial skin in a minimally invasive manner that requires no downtime.

Cleaner, Smaller Pores

Your pores and hair follicles are constantly at risk of being clogged by dirt, dead skin cells that haven't been shed by your body, and oil produced naturally by the skin (technically called "sebum").

The scraping action of the dermaplaning procedure removes this material, which is resting on the outermost layer of your skin. By cleaning up your clogged pores, dermaplaning makes them appear smaller on your face.

Apart from helping maintain the health of your skin, having cleaner, smaller-looking pores can make you look more youthful. This is because oversized pores are connected to sagging, stretching skin, which occurs as you get older and your skin becomes less elastic. Thus, larger pores make your face look older, while smaller pores have the converse effect.

Beneficial for All Skin Types

If you have sensitive skin, you may shudder at the thought of a scalpel scraping against your delicate epidermis. However, the dermaplaning tool is suitable for virtually every skin tone and skin type, even those on the most sensitive end of the spectrum.

A skilled dermatological professional can safely provide dermaplaning treatment even if you suffer from overly sensitive skin or a similar condition.

Get Rid of Peach Fuzz

Apart from helping patients look and feel younger, dermaplaning is also popular for its ability to keep unwanted peach fuzz in check. These fine hairs can be annoying for many patients, but peach fuzz can nevertheless be removed after a straightforward dermaplaning session.

Whether you have darker facial hairs that are visible from the other side of the room or just have fine vellus hairs that can only be seen up close, you can benefit from undergoing hair removal for your peach fuzz. If you want to get rid of your fuzz while looking and feeling smoother at the end of the day, dermaplaning is a great option for you.

More Easily Apply Cosmetics

If your peach fuzz or other signs of unhealthy skin have made applying makeup and skincare products difficult, fear no longer!

With your skin freshly exfoliated and your dead cells out of the way, you'll be able to apply cosmetic products in less time and with less difficulty. Not to mention, a lack of peach fuzz means not having to worry about those fine facial hairs throwing off the appearance of your foundation.

The same effect applies to your use of moisturizers, lotions, and other skincare treatments for dry skin. Whatever your at-home skincare routine entails, you can expect easier application and more effective absorption in your facial skin following a dermaplaning treatment.

With clean pores and no hair to get in the way, you will likely experience greater efficacy from your skincare products, whether at home or at a day spa. A new layer of skin means a new chance to boost the health and appearance of your skin through makeup and moisturizer.

Find Acne Relief

While an active acne breakout is a contraindication for receiving dermaplaning treatment, a scalpel facial can work wonders for anyone wanting to prevent future breakouts. As mentioned above, dermaplaning can work wonders for your pores, including if you have acne-prone skin. Clean pores that are free of dirt, oil, and dead skin are less likely to develop acne later on.

In addition, clearing up a fresh layer of skin can reduce the redness you've experienced thanks to previous acne scars. If you're currently undergoing an acne care regimen, the new layer of skin will be able to absorb your topical acne treatments more effectively.

Finally, the removal of dead skin cells and the rejuvenation of fresh skin can grant you a smoother complexion. This helps your skin look healthier and diminishes the appearance of any acne scars you've developed from earlier breakouts.

Who Is a Suitable Candidate for Dermaplaning?

If you have unwanted peach fuzz, facial blemishes, or indicators of unhealthy skin, you are a likely candidate for dermaplaning treatment. Because it is minimally invasive and gentle, dermaplaning is a great procedure even for candidates whose sensitive skin prevents them from using other facial treatments. This includes pregnant women and patients whose skin reacts poorly to the chemicals used in facial peels.

With that being said, some skin conditions should lead you to speak with a medical provider before trying out dermaplaning. These include:

  • Active breakouts of acne
  • Cold sores
  • Eczema or contact dermatitis
  • Psoriasis
  • Other skin rashes
  • Skin burns
  • Skin growths (e.g. skin tags, moles, or freckles)

While most of the above conditions don't automatically prevent you from receiving professional treatment, it's still a good idea to consult a dermatological specialist before undergoing the procedure.

What to Expect at Your Dermaplaning Appointment

Unlike some cosmetic procedures, dermaplaning doesn't require you to be put under with general anesthesia. However, your medical professional may use a numbing agent in the form of a spray or cream to reduce the feeling in your face.

During the process, the dermatological specialist will sanitize your face before scraping your facial skin with the surgical blade. The exfoliating blade looks similar to an electric razor, though it scrapes the skin off rather than cuts in the manner that a shaving razor does.

Some patients report a scratching or stinging feeling on the parts of the skin that are being operated on, but you shouldn't feel any pain during the dermaplaning procedure. It may feel similar to shaving your legs during a shower.

Depending on how much facial skin is being treated, your procedure could last only a few minutes or could go for up to 90 minutes. After the gentle treatment is finished, your care provider may apply a soothing topical agent to your skin. This helps bring down any swelling, redness, or other irritation caused by the scraping tool.

In addition, your medical professional may provide a recommendation for over-the-counter pain medication if your skin is causing you a great degree of discomfort. If you appreciate the results of your treatment, you can schedule a follow-up appointment to maintain your rejuvenated appearance going forward into the future. 

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